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V isitation Management Services, LLC (VMS) advocates for the rights of children to maintain contact with parents and extended family members who act responsibly and want to be actively involved in their child's life. We strive to provide safe, conflict free and customized services to meet the unique and diverse needs of each child and family we serve.

VMS has a signed Agreement of Compliance with Minimum Standards for Off-Site Supervised Visitation with the 13th Judicial Circuit.


We invite you to explore the information provided here and to contact us to determine if our services meet your family's unique needs and safety concerns. We offer FREE Case Evaluations for this purpose.

Please Keep in Mind: Our first priority is the best interest of the child.

We will not provide services or we will terminate services with any parent who does not act responsibly and/or causes undo stress/conflict for the child or children.

We respect the unique circumstances of each family and strive to work together to provide enjoyable and conflict-free time-sharing for the best interest of the child(ren). If this is your same vision, review the procedure for the process to begin services on our Intake Forms page.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Traci Powell



If you've been ordered to VMS for services, please indicate which service is indicated in your court order:

Supervised Visitation ServicesProfessional Guardian Ad Litem ServicesPrivate Case Management ServicesI do not have a court order for services, but would like more information on how VMS can help my family.

**If you do not have a court order, please include a description of your case and concerns below.


“Having someone, a stranger, shadow me and my child for each visitation was something that I was certain was going to feel odd and prying. That unfounded fear was lifted after the first visit with you and my son. You made us both feel so at ease, so comfortable, and the visits were so natural. I had my little boy back in my arms because of Visitation Management Services.”


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