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In general, you can expect a VMS case manager can help with:

Conflict Resolution

Parents will each be given the opportunity to present what they feel isn’t working within the changing dynamics of the family, and provide VMS with their proposed solutions. VMS will work with the family to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Time-sharing Calendars

One of the primary sources of conflict within a family going through a separation or divorce is the issue of time-sharing between parents and children. VMS is able to report back to the judge whether time-sharing is occurring as ordered by the Court. The Court may give VMS the authority to make changes to the time-sharing calendar if something is not working. Additionally, if a family does not have a time-sharing calendar in place, VMS may assist in the creation of the calendar.

Ensuring Compliance of Court Orders

Judges often request VMS services on a case when there has been a history of violations of Court Orders. VMS can also be requested at the start of a case to ensure no violations take place. As a case manager for your case, VMS will oversee the compliance of any orders of the Court as it pertains to the case, and will document and report violations to the Judge.

Communication Between Parents

When written, verbal, and electronic contact between parents is fraught with conflict and negativity, VMS can help parents set appropriate boundaries, and establish guidelines for civil communication as it pertains to the care of the children.

Providing Proven Solutions for Co-Parenting Success

Because being a co-parent can be difficult for families experiencing conflict, VMS can be utilized to incorporate age-appropriate and child-friendly solutions to strengthen and maintain bonds between parents and children while going through this transitional period of adjustment.

Referrals to other Professionals

VMS, as case managers, may request parents complete specific tasks to move the family toward resolution of conflict, including referrals to other professionals. For example, a parent may be referred to a mental health counselor, drug treatment facility, or parent educator program if the completion of such a task would prove beneficial for the family unit. Requests will be documented and reported to the Court.

Reports to the Court and Testimony

VMS is responsible for reporting case progress, as well as areas of unresolved conflict as it pertains to the co-parenting of the child(ren) to the courts. This may be in the form of a written report, if requested, or via testimony by the case manager.

A family using VMS Case Management Services typically completes the following process:

  1. The family is ordered to VMS for CMS services.
  2. Parents submit separate Intake Packets for CMS services and retainer for services to VMS.
  3. VMS contacts each parent to complete separate intake appointments to gather a family history and documentation on the legal case.
  4. VMS schedules separate appointments to observe shared-parenting-time with each parent with their child(ren).
  5. VMS may request additional information/documentation from parents or assign tasks to parents.
  6. VMS reports case progress to the Courts.


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